Alde & Ore Whole Estuary Plan Event

Saturday 7th October 2023
Hoffman Building, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape Bridge, Snape IP17 1SP.

Informal drop in 11.30pm to 1pm
Presentations and Q&A 2pm to 4pm

Improvements to the Alde and Ore estuary flood defences.

The East Suffolk Water Management Board, The Alde & Ore Estuary Trust and the Alde & Ore Community Partnership are delighted to host an informal opportunity to chat about plans for increasing the resilience of the estuary flood defences against a catastrophic flood. This will include the progress of the Upper Estuary works and the development of the business case for the Lower Estuary. 

The team will be there from 11.30am to 1pm to discuss the whole estuary approach. 

Then, in the afternoon, from 2pm to 4pm we will be presenting an overview, exploring the project links and interdependencies between the Upper and Lower Estuary. We will outline of the work of The Alde & Ore Estuary Trust and the Alde & Ore Community Partnership, followed by an update on the progress of the Upper Estuary phase of the project. 

There will then be ample opportunity for questions and answers during a panel discussion. We do hope that you can join us. 

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